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Alexis Perez

Alexis Perez

Dog Walker / Vet Tech

I have experience working with animals in some fashion for 25+ years. I began as a child, assisting my mother in her grooming salon, and participated with her in various animal rescues.

Ten years ago, I decided to become a veterinary technician. After a few years in a hospital setting, I met a house-call vet (Rachael Feigenbaum/ Lotus Veterinary House Calls) and have been assisting her with in-home visits to this day, as well as providing care/medication administration for animals with special needs as a pet sitter.

In addition, I have been a dog walker in the city for the last seven years and continue to provide top notch service and care to the fursons of San Francisco! The health, happiness and well-being of animals is my calling in life! I am licensed, insured, and dog CPR certified.


Dog Walks San Francisco

 Full-Time Group Walks

5 days / week | Monthly Flat Rate*

Maintaining full-time groups is better for consistency & group dynamics. Our furry friends do better with a routine with dogs they know as opposed to different dogs each day.

*Please contact me to discuss*

$75 / Night Boarding

Walks included. Clients only.

Dogs benefit from boarding with their walker as they can continue their walks and stay in the comfort of a home environment with someone they know & are comfortable with.

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